Q. Is my child age eligible for Preschool Promise for the 22-23 school year?

Children born between 9/02/2017 and 09/01/2019 are eligible for Preschool Promise this school year.

Q. What do I need to apply?

We need to confirm that you live in Oregon, your child’s birthdate and househo;ld income from responsible parties (typically both parents/step parents) income. Following are some examples of what we can accept as proof.

Do not let this list stress you out! Let’s talk! We have alternative forms to document as needed.

Address: Common items to meet this requirement:
Current utility/service bill (electric, gas, water/sewer and waste)
Lease or rental agreement
Identification card or Oregon driver’s license

Child’s Date of Birth:
Birth certificate
Hospital record

Household Income: Common items to meet this requirement:
Wages or salary: 3 months of current pay stubs, W2 or 1040 Tax form
Self-employment income: Previous year’s tax Schedule C or 3 months of profit and loss statement
Social Security Award Letter
SSI award letter
TANF/SNAP letter

Q. Who is considered part of my child's household:

Anyone who is related by blood, marriage or adoption that is responsible for the child. This includes both biological parents, step parents, and potentially others.

Q. What counts as income?

Income includes:
• Wages or salary (gross income);
• Net income from self-employment
• Payments from Social Security or other retirement
• Payments for unemployment, workers’ compensation, veteran’s benefits, public assistance (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Security Income and similar money payments)
• Training stipends
• Alimony, child support; private pensions, government pensions and regular insurance or annuity payments;
• College scholarships or grants
• Dividends, interest, net rental income
• Other periodic income sources

Income does not include:
• Capital gains
• Assets drawn down as withdrawals from a bank or the sale of property such as car or house
• Tax refunds, gifts, loans or one-time insurance benefits
• Foster care subsidies
• Non-cash benefits such as employer-paid health insurance
• Food or housing received in lieu of wages
• Economic impact payments and federal unemployment supplements, authorized by the CARES Act
• Non-cash assistance benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches or housing assistance
• Social Security survivor benefits received by the child
• Tribal benefits
• Adoption assistance payments
• Veteran’s disability benefits.

Q. I've filled out the online application, what happens next?

Early Learning Hub staff will reach out to you to finalize your application when you are selected. Applying does not automatically enroll your child or secure a spot.

Please feel free to reach out with questions! shelley.irwin@hdesd.org or dulce.pelayo@hdesd.org

Who are we?

Grow! Central Oregon Kids is a project of the Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon.

The Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon is a regional cross-sector partnership working collectively to support parents and to establish a solid foundation for children’s long-term success. The Hub serves Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties and for mutually agreed upon strategies, The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (Tribes).

The purpose of the Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon is to create aligned and coordinated systems to address disparities in outcomes for children prenatal through age eight, and ensure they receive the supports needed to be healthy and successful in school.